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mother's shoes

Summer, my mother likes to wear a men's sandals and slippers, the price is very cheap, is common in the department store market five yuan a pair of four can bargain can buy, in fact, look at that shoes feel one pair of Jiefang Xie and looked vibram five fingers for cheap at you without too much difference between mothers sum I say that shoes to wear cool, comfortable feet. However, most of the time, my mother always barefoot busy farm work, but to the street to go to the fair, put on her pair of sandals and slippers.

Spring and autumn, the mother often wears the shoes and made the end of a plastic single shoe, often the look of a season, you will see those poor shoes mother tortured everywhere create bruise and his mother was a man in a hurry , there is always endless manual labor, work is also fairly leisurely day vacation from work, the mother is like a standard of the vibram five fingers coupon peasant woman digging vegetables, the mountains to cut firewood almost all peasant dry farm mother would dry, the nominal mother is on the paychecks of workers, but mostly when the mother is just a simple peasant woman, as mother's shoes, although cheap, is really very simple.

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Wireless headset

With the advances in beats by dre outlet technology, a lot of dreams into a reality. Such as simple and stablewireless audio signal transmission, which have troubled people for a long time the problem, and now has basically been a good solution, but the cost is not very high.
2.4GHz wireless technology, the bandwidth of the signal is greatly increased, a varietyof devices can go hand in hand, without disturbing each other's role. The scope of beats by dre wireless application of the computer is greatly increased, wireless computer headset for people to bring more space and free-range.

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Lane changing is not metaphysics

Recommended to select the currently prevailing Affluence Eros line - the on ER4P a topprice of high-end upgrade line. I believe for concern IE80 beats by dre outlet many users it features the voicehas not so strange, for the for IE80 exchange lines, compared to IE8 before the changeline is whether you friends friend or closed all be regarded as a novelty. Here we will gotogether to try this "bright child".
"Radetzky March" choices are the the Karajan site of the 1987 Vienna New Year Concert by the master recording. In the performance of this track, I obviously felt thatIE80's voice is not as a small ear headphones, like Sennheiser's own large HIFI headphones. The sense of sound in specific air compared to the previous IE80 has been significantly improved, more rich musical taste, this quest easy to Eros line SennheiserIE80 significant changes in the low frequency. Attentive friends will find that I use in front of the word "change" rather than "improve", then this is why? IE80 before lane changingin the low frequency has reached a high standard with a qualitative and custom beats quantitative, Erosline IE80 itself slightly slow low-frequency feedback speed increase at the same timealso increased the amount of low frequency of low-frequency IE80 sense, it more impactin the performance of this dynamic symphonic and shocking, to enhance the sense of hearing that a lot of help. Eros Line in the sound field to further pull in IE80 this on the basis of the loud field width, the sound level is more pronounced, the cheers of the audience is pulled in to ensure a clear case of more rely on, while the band playedposition There is no obvious change.

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Poor apartment VS blue Nissan

Weekends, phone, such as about rings. Poor apartment downstairs, dark blue Nissan.The moment I'm online and Mariner chat with vigor. I said: "Mariner ah, open a Nissan man about me!" A long time, Mariner emerge sentence: "into really?"

Tube that he really does not really, I went downstairs. Gentleman, a man told me a slight bend.

He opened the door for me, when I found a fresh pair of red shoes on the seat, and the last pair of identical. "Give it a try, I guess this will not squeeze the foot." The man said to me gently.

I put on my shoes, that's right, just right. Its noble red my feet off the special dignity, its elegant fine now hold the entire heel, calf, until the waist. I immediately up tall and straight, like a princess.

From that day on, I am wearing a pair of high heels every day. However, the high-heeled shoes, after all, high heels, even if fit, wearing a long or pain, the toe will still be worn. In order to allow wound healing, I exchange the shoes, he saw the shorter half of me, like by a lot of grievances. "You are tired of it." The tone of a lengthy sigh like a child.

I laughed. "I'm just tired." I took his hand and would like tomorrow to wear high heels, can not mess with this lovely man sad.

Internet Mariner said: "If I do not wear shoes that he sent he would be sorry, you said he was lovely!"

Mariner said: "What a lovely vibram five fingers coupon and you have the freedom to wear sneakers."

Wearing a pair of shoes he was happy. "

Mariner turn iron into steel: "silly woman."

He sent me a pair of shoes I wear, he is happy. He said: "you know? You wear this pair of shoes the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

The real hero

"Is there someone through?"

, Seconds seconds through. "

PST Who are you? "

Is my ex-wife. "He did not intend to deceive me something, frankly, quite thorough:" we divorce two years, two years, I am alone, I look forward to a home, can you give me a home? "

So saying, he slowly knee touch the ground, kneeling in vibram five fingers for cheap front of me. "I'm so in love with seconds seconds, I put her as a treasure, her clothes personally designed by me, the shoes on her feet, I personally do, she put on them is so beautiful, but she left me you The feet in particular, like seconds, seconds, day to meet you barefoot standing in the background, I was thinking, I must get to know the feet of the master. "

I raised him: "Okay, that, do not be sad for the people of the past."

Finish this sentence, I suddenly found a problem, dating from the acquaintance now, seems more than just the two of us, there have been an additional supporting role in the two of us, no, it was not a supporting role, that is the real hero!

Red high heels!

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The color of the shoes to pay attention to

Everyone has their favorite color, color implies a mystery to decipher good and badinformation. Likes and dislikes of the mentality of the people of a color vibram five fingers for cheap change at different times, different mood. Generally speaking, the color of the shoes should matchwith the five elements.

White, beige and gold is a gold color; is a wood color blue, green; the case vibram five fingers coupon of water thecolor of black, blue; the case of fire the color of red, purple; a dependent territory of thecolor yellow, brown.

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